Our Services To Schools

Nursery & Pre school

A brilliant first taste of music. The drum is one of the most accessible instruments for young beginning musicians. Playing the drum can help children develop confidence, self-expression and essential social skills by participating in a fun group activity. Through interactive story telling, young children can be transported on a creative learning journey with the drum.

Primary & Secondary School

Our workshops can be a fun and creative break from normal routine or they can be incorporated into the national curriculum. We aim to hit the curriculum’s key learning outcomes of performance & composition, listening & appraising and understanding musical structure. We can teach music terminology in the context of a practical drumming lesson i.e. pitch, duration, tempo, timbre and texture.

Special Educational Needs Schools

The power of the drum as a therapeutic tool is well known. It has the ability to relax or stimulate depending on the rhythm and tempo used. With a wealth of rhythmic knowledge, we treat every SEN group differently. The needs of one group might be to encourage musical expression that can open up unique channels of communication, or in another group we could choose to use rhythms which calm and relax hyper-active personalities.

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