Rhythmic Unity at Corporate Events


Give everyone a fun and energising break at your conference. A person can only absorb so much information before they feel overwhelmed, a secret to avoiding this is to engage in an activity which stimulates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain into synchronicity. Doing this allows our mind to assimilate more information and create better memories. Drumming is the perfect tool for this job, leading to increased alertness, higher energy levels, and sustained motivation.

Team Building:

Building a strong team can mean breaking down barriers between staff; closing the gap between top management and other workers. When a group plays drums together, everyone is put on an equal footing.  This is also a positive tool for encouraging self-worth in larger corporations, as well as giving every person a ‘voice’ (drum) that can be heard in the drumming group.

Stress Elimination & Therapy:

In our 9 to 5, ‘always on’ culture, it is both refreshing and therapeutic to return to an instrument and way of making music that has not changed since primitive cultures. Playing the drum is proven to reduce stress. Playing music in a group leads to a feeling of social acceptance. Add to that the endorphins created from the physical exertion required to play the drum, and you have a fantastic recipe for stress elimination.

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